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Looking for a podcast guest, an expert analyst, or a phenomenal storyteller? Turn to the same media & marketing analyst that NBC, CNN, and the New York Times have relied on: Andrew Davis.

Andrew Davis Accepting the Content Marketing Hero Award


Drew's In The News

Oprah's first tweet. High Times foray into building a Brandscape. The resurrection of a small town. Journalists turn to Andrew Davis for intelligent, thoughtful analysis of breaking news and big stories.


What is Man-fluence?

How does it work, and is it swaying the way we buy? Watch Andrew, Al, and Willie chat about it on the Today Show.


Recent Keynote Clients

Just a few of the 500 organizations who've entrusted their audience to Andrew Davis.

Featured Articles


With Oprah Onboard, Twitter Grows

"Some power users, like Andrew Davis, chief strategy officer for TippingPoint Labs, an online marketing company, worry that Twitter’s potential to transform..."


High Times wants to be the Playboy of Pot

“We’ve seen brands transition from an outlaw brand to a mainstream brand — Harley Davidson comes to mind,” said Andrew Davis, a brand consultant...


Andrew Davis shares 4 secrets of brilliant storytelling

"Great storytelling isn't easy, but if done well, it can be more powerful and motivating than any other kind of content," said Andrew Davis.


Top 30 Marketers that Inspire 2021

"Last year, we ran a vote to ask you who inspired you in the marketing world... Yes, some familiar names remain in the top 30, but the new stars of 2021 give us new voices to investigate."



Why Your Virtual Presentations Are Destined To Fail And How You Can Prevent It

"How can we deliver the most compelling, engaging, sticky, effective and memorable presentation—virtually?" ...

Content Marketing Institute

100+ Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for Success in 2022

"...At its core, content marketing is about the future – preparing audiences and customers to solve their problems, meet their challenges, and reach their goals."

pensacola News journal

CivicCon: Andrew Davis Discusses Location Envy and Cycle of Growth it Creates

Economic growth and location envy go hand in hand. "Thriving towns understand the vicious, beautiful cycle of location envy," said Andrew Davis...


50 Top B2B Content Marketing Influencers To Follow in 2021

"CMWorld brings together a stellar array of talented professionals who are loaded with curiosity for future trends, marketing knowledge, and aspirations for new successes in the post-pandemic world..."


67 Book Picks for the Ultimate Content Marketing Library

"Here’s some help to build a great shelf of books (physically or digitally) to improve your content marketing skills, expand your marketing prowess, and gain inspiration to make your work more manageable and effective."

Demand Gen Report

Minding The Curiosity Gap: Insights To Engage, Retain Buyers With Video Content

Davis shared a concept called the “Curiosity Gap,” which video creators must mind and consider when producing content that aims to gain and retain audience attention.

Business Insider

Demy de Zeeuw used to be a football player, now he is very successful with his clothing company BALR. that revenues €10 million per year

Andrew Davis 's book Brandscaping, in particular, draws his attention. The content marketing guru preaches collaboration in brand building. Other companies or people already have the attention of your target group, you can reach them in one go by doing business with them.

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