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3 Chatbot Marketing strategies You Can Use to Build Better Prospect Relationships and Insight

May 20, 2022

We're heading to Las Vegas to chat with the world's oldest chatbot. We'll uncover the three chatbot marketing strategies you can use to build better prospect relationships and gather deep buyer insights.

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3 Ingredients to Make Your Boring B2B Videos More Memorable - A Case Study

May 16, 2022

I decided to watch hundreds of McGuire's videos to try and understand precisely why they're so memorable. Sure, they use humor. But I also uncovered three key components that make the humor work. SECRET CODE: Humor Effect

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How to Handwrite 12,000 Thank You Cards a Year (and How Much Time it Actually Takes.)

May 6, 2022

This week's Loyalty Loop is inspired by a CEO who writes 12,000 handwritten notes every year. How long does that take? Is there a more efficient way? What about your pathetic penmanship? I'll answer all those questions and introduce you to the one person who may believe in the power of the handwritten note more than me.

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