An Honest Hour With Andrew Davis

Find clarity, get feedback, explore a problem, or challenge your thinking on an hour-long call with Andrew Davis.

Spend an hour with an unbiased, impartial, third-party who'll help point you in the right direction and save you thousands in wasted time, effort, energy, and angst.

A Short List of Long Conversations

The audience waiting in line to talk to Andrew Davis after a keynote speech.

Strategic marketing advice.

Customer experience enhancement.

Career exploration.

Keynote speech feedback.

Sales pitch assessment.

Content creation direction.

New business idea consulting.

Loyalty Loop clarity.

Or, anything else you'd like to discuss.

Andrew Davis discussing the next shot with the director

Why The Honest Hour?
I get asked a lot of questions.

Questions like, what was it like to work with Miss Piggy? What video production gear do you use? Where did you get those cool glasses? What do you think of my website? And, can I pick your brain for a few minutes?

Some of those are easy to answer like: 
Miss Piggy is fabulous. This is a link to all my video production gear.  Al Roker inspired me to buy these glasses. 

Other answers require diligent effort and focus to provide you with the answers you deserve.

I'd be happy to check out your website and give you some feedback, but I need an hour to review your content and an additional hour to chat. And, yes, you can pick my brain for a whole hour, but I'd like to prepare for our meeting.

For a decade, I've offered my honest feedback for free to those who've asked. Alas, with my calendar full and my time stretched, I've decided to work with only those who genuinely value honest insight and feedback. This is why anyone - even you - can now book an hour-long call with me.

How the Honest Hour works.
It's easy.

Schedule your hour

Hit the "Book Your Hour" button below and you'll be prompted to send Andrew an email. Andrew will be in touch within 24 hours to set up a time for your call.

Send review materials

I'll spend an hour, prior to our meeting, reviewing anything you think might help make our hour together more productive.

Take our time

Spend our honest hour together focusing on the most important items to help you move forward.

Save time & money

Use the insight we gather, the ideas we come up with, and the confidence we build to save time, energy, effort, and even make money.

Only pay for the insight you get.

Only pay after we've spent our hour together, and pay what it's worth to you.

per question
Simple questions
Rapid answers
Thoughtful Analysis
Honest Feedback
Inspiring Ideas
It's free
Pay What You Want
per meeting
Simple Questions
Rapid Answers
Thoughtful Analysis
Honest Feedback
Inspiring Ideas

Not ready to spend an honest hour together? That's okay. Let's connect!

Andrew Davis speaking to the Restaurant Leadership ConferenceAndrew Davis demonstrating the Cube of Creativity at Content Marketing World 2021Andrew Davis speaking at a private event for 400 Loyalty Managers and Customer Experience ExecutivesAndrew Davis speaking in France
A feature magazine article about Andrew Davis Andrew Davis as the Tin Man for a magazine photo shoot

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