How to Conduct More Productive Creative Meetings with Your Team! (2 Key Elements Of Success)

Let's breakdown the two things you can do to get better creative meetings with more productive output!

The Loyalty Loop
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February 1, 2022

📺  - Part 2 - How a 1 Day Digital Transformation Helped Raise ~$1 MM to Support Their Mission -

Today, we're embarking on a four-part series inspired by the global pandemic. That's right, we're going to discover how a few people used the lockdown constraints they experienced as fuel to transform their businesses for the better. And we'll look at how we can embrace the constraints to fuel innovation, progress, and even focus - pandemic or not.

Look, it'd be great if we had a million great ideas and could execute on every one… but the truth is, if we want our teams to be more creative and generate better ideas - faster we need to do two things…

If you want the best output craft a simple, clear, and qualitative directive.

Now, contrary to popular belief… if you want to make the most of your team's creative powers, you cannot let them run wild.

Sure, you might end up with lots of good ideas, but that's not what you need. You need A SINGLE GREAT IDEA.

So, you must add constraints. Yep. Just ONE constraint can make a massive impact on your team's ability to craft a creative campaign or transform your business.

The simple act of adding a constraint transforms a creative brief into a challenge… it's a wager...

P.S. The subject of this week's Loyalty Loop has been in the news the past few days. (I'd already shot and edited this video when the news broke.) I thought long and hard about uploading this video and then decided that the concept I'm sharing is bigger than any single individual and I felt it important to share with you. So, here goes... this week's Loyalty Loop.

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