How to Make Change Fast! What We Can Learn From the Pandemic, Weight-Loss, and Two Entire Countries

Why 40% of Americans gained the Quarantine 15 while one country lost weight? (A theory about transformation and the three forces we need to make a change fast!)

The Loyalty Loop
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February 1, 2022

Ahh... the "Quarantine 15." Those unwanted extra pounds some of us have gained during COVID-19.  

A recent survey revealed that 40% of Americans are just like me - they gained weight in the last year.

While I find that information slightly comforting, something in the data hit me like an exercise ball to the head.

There's one European country that LOST weight in the past year!

Ugh... what's their secret?!  

I spent the last week building a theory... and I think it applies to more than just getting fit or losing weight.

This week on The Loyalty Loop, we'll break down how the Triangle of Transformation just might be the secret formula to making rapid progress on our personal, professional, and business goals.

- The Survey Data -

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