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How to Claw Back Your Creative Marketing Time

It's been a while. I'm sorry about that.

I often suffer from the symptoms of extreme burnout: cynicism, frustration, moodiness, and self-doubt.

And I'm not the only one.

You're feeling it too.

I know this because 86% of marketing leaders report that their current workload is causing stress for their teams, according to a recent survey. (More on this survey in this week's video.)

So, where have I been?

I've been building systems to reduce my time doing non-creative work.

Our creative fuel is finite. Wake up in the morning, and hopefully, our tank is full.

But every task we execute burns creative fuel. That email asking if the latest newsletter went out might only burn a drop. While the video case study you're writing might empty the tank in forty-three minutes.

There are days when I lose my motivation to keep working before I break for lunch.

One of the most convincing ways to conserve your creative fuel is to reduce the number of menial tasks that drain our tanks drop by drop.

So, over the last three months, we've invested the time to automate, integrate, and systematize tons of stuff.

For example, our team took a massive manual process and automated 62 "things."

Sixty-two "things" that used to contribute to emptying our tank.

How did we do it?

Well, that's what we're BREAKING down in this week's Loyalty Loop video. So grab a hammer, your safety goggles, and a pair of work gloves because it's demolition day. (Kinda.)

BTW, you should know that this week's video has a sponsor. I'm invited to do sponsored content all the time, but I insist on only working with brands I believe in and products I already use. Who's this week's sponsor? Ah ha... it's the tool I use to claw back some of my creative energy.

Remember, your creative fuel is finite. Burn it wisely.

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