How to Land Your Dream Job Without a Resume (The Persistence Principle)

I despise resumes. Resumes don't spotlight our potential; they highlight our past. Resumes haven't always been that way.

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July 8, 2022

Leonardo DaVinci submitted the world's first resume in 1482.

That's when he wrote a letter to the Duke of Milan looking to get hired. DaVinci outlines the value he can bring to the Duke's military arsenal.

He highlights his desire to design catapults, mangonels, and trabocchi (whatever those are.) He teases the Duke with new ideas for indestructible covered chariots and big guns.

DaVinci outlines nine specific things the Duke will need to protect his kingdom. Oh, and in times of peace, Leonardo throws in a couple of ideas for buildings, fountains, sculptures, and paintings.

DaVinci got the gig. (BTW, the Duke of Milan is the patron who would eventually commission the Last Supper.)

540 years ago, DaVinci used his resume to showcase his potential and passion without ever mentioning his past, and he did it with a handwritten letter.

I didn't realize it at the time, but in 1995, as a wide-eyed, optimistic, recent college graduate, I took a similar approach to land my dream job.

I never sent a resume. I didn't once mention my degree. The hiring executive never even asked me for a reference.

However, it took a ton of patience (which I severely lack.)

So, how did I get an interview and eventually land my dream job four years later?

I wrote a letter... actually, I wrote 153 letters.

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